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“I was concerned about the cost.

Now I see it as a reasonable, one-time investment”

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Teeth-in-a-Day is a concept that is very appealing to consumers. Who wouldn't want their procedure completed all in one day? However, this is somewhat misleading for two reasons. First, the procedure is not appropriate for all patients, as there are numerous criteria for patient selection, such as adequate bone. And secondly, the entire process takes more than one day.

Basically, what happens is that the patient has an initial consultation and a 3D CAT scan. Then virtual planning software is used to plan the entire case on models, including implant placement and the design of the replacement teeth. This technology enables the doctors to place the implants and fabricate and place the final replacement teeth the same day.   Although the implants and replacement teeth are placed the same day, the entire process takes more than one day, due to the treatment planning steps between the initial consultation and the actual procedure.

It is important to understand that most patients do not qualify for this procedure. The advertising claims implying that traditional methods of implant treatment are outdated, more expensive, take longer and require more procedures are intended only to "sell" the procedure. They are not providing comprehensive education for patients, or explaining that only a small percentage of patients are candidates for teeth-in-a-day, or that there is relatively little scientific data regarding long-term results for this procedure.  

Therefore, if your dentist and surgical specialist recommend a different treatment plan, it is not because they are not keeping up with technology. It is more likely that they do not think that you are a candidate for the procedure. Again, selecting your team of doctors based on experience and training is the key. Click here for Selection Criteria.

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